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I am the guy who won’t stop trying until the vision is realized. I am passionate about being passionate. I am the person who likes getting dressed in the morning. I am the never giver upper. I am the guy who likes making stuff look pretty.I am the detail oriented member of my family. I am the real life version of the 3D model above wearing Ed Hardy and space man boots. I am Cole Bates, and I am an Art Director.


My Mother In Law: “With Cole what you see is what you get, he is true to himself and doesn’t put on a facade to please anyone” 

My Grandma: COLE,a kind & lovable people magnet!

My friend Luke: “Cole Bates has a wide selection of pleasurable qualities to offer. Would recommend again!”

A guy I look up to named Clark: “Cole Bates: original, creative, fresh perspective, one of a kind” 

My friend Dawson (who couldn’t keep it to one sentence):
“Smart, sassy, sexy”
“Look what do you want me to say? He’s auteur!”
“A man who knows what he wants, and wants what he knows”
“I’ve never met him, but what comes back to me sounds good” 
“He’s determined to succeed, like a matador with a missing leg” 

My Sister: “Cole is caring and always fun to be around! He is responsible and creative in all aspects of his life”

My Brother: “A very entertaining person to be around”

My Wife: (Reached out for a comment but took a nap and didn’t get back to me in time)


-Somebody hopefully