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Cole: Let's go. So, um, my first question for you is how much did your outfit cost/ where did you get your pieces?

Luke: Okay, so the shoes are the New Balance. Salehe Bembury collab

Cole: With the little whistle on them?

Luke: Yeah, they got the whistle on the back. Um, I think they're 150. Got 'em on the drop.

Um, Uniqlo socks. I think I got them from my work for free .

Cole: Nice. Where do you work?

Luke: Uh, it was when I was working at Divvy.

Cole: Oh, cool. Yeah. My friend used to work at Divvy.

Luke: Um, they just gave us like a wishlist and I put socks on there and they got me a bunch of socks from Uniqlo. So, uh, yeah, gap pants, they're thrifted like $8.

Cole: Nice.

Luke: Um, Nike, just like dry fit shirt. Um, also thrifted, Goodwill bins, probably 25 cents. Uh, the grandma sweater, also Goodwill probably.

Cole: Really?


Cole: That's a sick sweater.

Luke: It was probably a dollar. Um, Northwest Vest also. Goodwill. 

Cole: Really? You found the North Face?

Luke: Yeah. This is Goodwill. Probably one of my best friends. I've seen these selling for like a hundred bucks, but I got it probably two bucks. So yeah. And then the blue beanie from Savers 4 bucks, something like that.

Cole: So that's sick.

Luke: So yeah, the shoe is definitely my priority.


Luke: I think that is kind of what happens cuz thrifted shoes are.. it's, it's very rare that you get lucky on a thrifted pair of shoes.

Cole: Yeah. Um, okay. I guess I kind of want to ask you a question that's not on there. Um, what, I guess what kind of draws you more to like thrifting than traditional shopping?

Luke: I think it's just an addiction of like the feeling of finding something rather than just buying it off the rack.

Cole: Yeah. Or just online.

Luke: Yeah. Like you're looking for it until you go and you, you get this high of like, oh, I can't believe I found this and it's so cheap. Someone would've paid a lot of money for this, but I found it for cheap.

Cole: Mm-hmm.

Luke: And, uh, yeah, you just kind of get more unique, um, pieces too. You can really feel like you're the only person who has this, which is not the main motivation for it, but it's kind of just a fun aspect of it too.

You just feel.  like you are, have your, you do have your own style rather than something that someone else has.

Cole: Yeah, I get that. The uniqueness part of it, for sure. Um, when do you feel like you kind of found or stepped into your personal style?

Luke: Um, 2020. You know, I started seeing all the, the work wear kind of stuff happening in like sneakers as well.  So I was definitely like a Carhartt and, uh, Nike guy in 2020. But then moving from that, I kind of realized just that kind of broke me out of the barrier or the, the boundaries I was in before. Um, and looking at different fits overall because just wide pants was like a big thing for everybody, I think.

But um, that kinda just opened my mind up to different silhouettes and different kind of, um, yeah, just understanding that I, I can do different things and try new ones and take fashion risks, I guess you could say. So 20 is when it started, but I think like probably last summer is when it finally started developing/ being my own take on fashion.

Cole: Nice. And I get that too cuz like, I feel like in 2017 it was a big thing to wear. Like skinny pants and Yeezys or ultra boost and it was like, dude, I got big thighs

I can't, I can't rock that.

Luke: Yeah. That's not the move.

Cole: Okay. Uh, who is like a style icon that you feel like you're inspired by, if you have


Luke: Yeah, there's just a lot of YouTube dudes. Um, this one guy. Uh, Tim Desaint. He's, he's a short Asian guy, and so I'm also a short Asian guy. So he just had a lot of good ideas for just like dressing for your body and not limiting yourself just based on what your body looks like.

Because I used to kind of think, oh, I can't wear, um, this or that because of my body. It looks weird on me. I don't really like, his style, but he has just good ideas overall. Yeah. And so thinking more just from his like, um, philosophy about it rather than like, Styling tips.

Cole: Sweet. Um, and then how does putting on a good outfit in the morning feel versus just like throwing on a pair of sweats and a shirt that you found on the floor?

Luke: Um, I think it shows, I've, I've put a little bit of myself into what I'm wearing and so I feel like it's just easier to connect to people if people see me.

Um, even if it's just like a glance, like I just like connect with someone cuz I see that they're wearing something cool too. And so I feel like I'm just able to show more of myself and it feels more like authentic, I guess.

Cole: That's awesome. Um, okay. What's your least favorite fashion trend? This could be for men or for women.

Luke: Um, I think there was some patterns that got really big in like 2020, like the, the checkered just like big squares, but then it's like kind of distorted, you know, where it's like the wavy, uh, checkered stuff. um, And I mean, I think… I know sneakers have been a thing for a long time and I've, um, I definitely dove into sneakers in 2020 as well.

But, um, I think it becoming just like a thing where you have to have a pair of Jordans or dunks on to be like, wearing cool shoes. Yeah. It just became like, that's like the, the indicator of like, if you are cool or not. And I know that's kind of how it's always been, but. It feels very like gentrified, almost.

Cole: Totally.

Luke: I've kind of stepped away from wearing sneakers almost, because it feels so like, uh, I mean, not to be that guy, but like, you know, it's, it's like normalized now. This is, this is what everybody has. Yeah. I'm like, well, I don't want to be like everyone else, the whole reason I got into it was to have different shoes.

Cole: I know, I, I definitely feel that I, uh, I have a few pairs of Jordan sitting on the shelf that like, haven’t been laced up in a while.

Luke: Yeah. Because there's, it's just the desire to be different always. So , yeah. Yeah. As soon as everyone else starts wearing, I'm like, what?

Cole: Exactly. Yeah. I'm gonna be different. I totally feel that. So yeah, I totally feel that. And I feel like New Balance is a brand that you and I both have pairs of shoes from that are like, people see 'em and they go, oh, what are those?

Luke: Yeah, it's, it's for sure got a little more uniqueness to it.

And, um, I mean like the five 550s definitely became very popular. But, um, they're. . I still like all the shoes I have. I just, um, I guess it's harder to wear sometimes.

Cole: Yes, totally. Yeah. I, I also get that like feeling of, I don't want to say I don't wear these cuz people have them, but also there is a part of me where I look at 'em on my shelf and I'm like, someone might be wearing this to class.

Luke: Yeah, there's a risk.

Cole: Okay. And, um, we kind of went over this, but what do you think your favorite pair of shoes in your rotation is right now? Um, actually let's do this pair of shoes you have. Favorite pair of shoes in your rotation..

Luke: Um, so I have,  villain Red and like the green sacai vapor waffles.

Just the, the color combo on that. The shade of green plus that, like Maroonish. So I think that's just a beautiful pair of shoes. Probably one of my favorites of all time. And just, I feel lucky to have them in my collection and they're definitely one of my favorite pairs of all time, but definitely my favorite in my collection.

Um, and then favorite in just current rotation. I, I just always have to go back to. New balance, 990 s just so comfortable. And they go with everything and they have a little bit of like style, but they're also just so simple. They just look good with everything com, so comfortable, so easy to walk in and whatnot.