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Cole: Where did you get the pieces of clothing you are wearing today? And you can add price if you even remember.

Syd: Okay.

Cole: Cause I feel like some of it might be like vintage or thrifted or whatever.

Syd: Okay. I love that. So I guess I'll start with the shoes. Um, they are vans that I got. 2016 from my first boyfriend ever as our two month anniversary gift.

Cole: Wow. You're still repping the first boyfriend?

Syd: Yeah. I've worn them to the ground and I love them, and I, and he was so sweet. Um, so those were free. The pants, the pants that I'm wearing are from Urban Outfitters. I think they were from the sale rack most likely. So probably 40 bucks. Blue shirt is Ralph Lauren from the Goodwill Bins. Nice. So like 10 cents, basically nothing. And then, I'm wearing a white tank top underneath it. That's also from the bins.

Syd: And then the scarf is from Monet's Gardens in France. Oh, cool. And it's from their gift shop and I think it was 20 some 25. And then the, the headphones, uh, are from my sister. They're hand me downs,

Cole: Shout out to the sister! Okay. When do you feel like you came into/found your personal style?

Syd: Hmm. It was definitely throughout the past, like year and a half, two years. I think when I came to byu, when I came to byu, I felt like, I looked just like everybody else. So I was trying to find avenues of how I can like express how I'm different from everybody.

And I started experimenting with clothes more. And I also, like, I would say starting sophomore year, like really started to find clothes that actually fit my body, right… Compared to just clothes that were trendy or like people thought were cute. Um, so that allowed for a lot of freedom. And then I came into my love for thrifting.

Cole: So you got into thrifting around the same time, that's awesome!

Cole: Who is like a personal style icon that you feel inspired by?

Syd: Hmm.

Cole: If you have any, it can be famous person or just like literally a friend.

Syd: Okay, so my, there's two that I think of when I am getting dressed in the day. Some days it's Jacob Elordi. I love how he dresses. I think he knows how to dress his body well, and I really admire his looks. The second one is my other ex-boyfriend's mom, Liz. She's like the coolest woman I've ever known, and all I want in my life is to be like her.

Cole: That's awesome. I might need a picture of Liz or my website.

Cole: Why is dressing well important to you?

Syd: Um, I think it's fun. I like to combine like, pieces of clothes that I haven't before. Um, and I think that, I don't know, I like when people stare at me, to be honest.
I also like looking like a creative type or like someone who might intimidate people when they're walking around campus. I feel like I don't usually look like I'm a BYU student. So yeah, I would say probably that. For the stares and admiration, haha my narcissistic tendencies.

Cole: Haha, I feel you on that.

Cole: Okay, so I noticed that you're either wearing no socks or you're wearing no-show socks.

Syd: Yeah. No show.

Cole: How do you feel about no-Show Socks on Men?

Syd: Oh, Hmm. I think I hate them on men.  I think, I don't wanna see male ankles. Unless we're on the beach, I'm cool with the beach. The beach is a safe space for the male ankle.
It's acceptable. Like normal attire to wear, no-show socks. If you're like in the south of France, like you're wearing a suit or something, you can wear no-show.

Cole: if you're like wearing loafers or something.

Syd: Yes. Mm-hmm, if you're in like the right setting, I think it's fine. Otherwise, I hate them. Cole- Okay, cool.

…Ideal style for a potential partner?

Syd: Partner?

Cole:  Mm-hmm.

Syd: Oh. This is fun. I feel like this is like when you're writing your list of like what you want in a person.  Um, I really like some just like well fitted pants, just like staple pants, like a pair of jeans, like, you know, the staple pant. Nothing too flashy. . I like when they have like t-shirts that just fit them really cute or fall really nicely on them and it looks like, oh, like I didn't even try, I just like look like this.

…Yeah. And I love a man in Vans. I really do.

Cole: Really? Do you have a preference?Does it need to be like slip ons or classics or skate highs or?

Syd: I think it's gotta be classics for me.

Cole: Okay. That's the right answer.

Syd: I'd say, I think it's my Southern California heritage. I love a beachy boy.Well, not really a beachy boy. Just a van's boy,  skater maybe. I don't know.

Cole: Cool. Okay. I really like your makeup today. So I wanted to ask you what your favorite thing to do is when you're doing your makeup.

Syd: It's always gonna be the eyeshadow for me. I always have the same face makeup. Foundation eyebrow situation, but the eyeshadow is what I really have fun with and I will usually match it with whatever outfit I'm wearing. Whether that's like an inner corner or like a wing. The weekends is when I have the most fun with the makeup.

Cole: Yeah. Um, cuz you can just be really dramatic. You have more time to do it.

Syd: Exactly. I could just sit for like three hours, turn a podcast on, do my makeup .

Cole: Fire. Okay. And then, um, why did you change your hair?

Syd: Oh. Um, this one was a little spontaneous actually. I used to have long blonde hair… uh, like my freshman year of college.
And then one day I decided to chop it and that was like the most dramatic thing I'd ever done, and I've never regretted chopping it since then. So I feel like I'm in this place where I'm kind of like, hair's not permanent. I can have some fun with it. Winter's rolling around. I feel like that's when you should go dark, if you're gonna go dark.

Cole: Mm-hmm. 

Syd: And I was watching Money Heist, I don't know if you've seen it.

Cole: Yeah.

Syd: Tokyo.

Cole: Yeah. She's, she's so hot. .

Syd: She's so hot and she has this hair and I was sitting, I was watching it with my two friends and one of them, is like a hair girl, like a hair stylist. And she was like, let's do it tomorrow.
And I'm like, dang, are you serious? She's like, yeah. I'm like, okay, let's do it. And so we did.

Cole: That's awesome.

Syd: Yeah, but it's been on my mind for a minute. Like I've sat, I've looked at it a lot. I haven't really been bold enough to do it yet though.

Cole: Okay. Bonus question. Is there any, is there anything that you wish I had asked you about clothes, about your personal style, any fun clothing, stories that you have?

Cole: What's your relationship with clothes?

Syd: Well, it's very different for me and other Sydney. Like she has a very staple, heavy wardrobe and it's just very simple. She's minimalistic and I have like four overflowing clothing racks. And like a dresser of things and I think that because of my relationship with like thrifting clothes, nothing's as permanent or like as serious to me cuz I got it for 20 cents even if it is like really nice and cute. So I feel like I'm willing to sell most of my clothes tomorrow.

Cole: Cool, thank you so much!